Our Pastor

Vaughn H. Foust

Pastor Vaughn Foust was born in 1957 To Herbert and Velvadean Foust in Hammond, Indiana.

In 1977 he moved to Titusville, Florida and became a member of the Temple Baptist Church, where Wendell J. Correll was the Pastor for many years. Two very important events happened that year for Pastor Foust, there at the Temple Baptist Church. Pastor Foust experienced the call of God to preach on his life, and he met the woman that he would eventually marry, Darlene McMurphy.

In 1978 Pastor Foust and Darlene were married at the Temple Baptist Church in Titusville, Florida, and in the pursuing years they had three children: Vaughn II, Chad, and Heather.

In 1983 Pastor Foust graduated from Hyles-Anderson College with a Bachelor of Science degree in pastoral theology, and he immediately ventured out into the ministry. In the summer of 1983 Pastor Foust started his first church in Palm Bay, Florida. Through the years of ministry Pastor Foust has had the privilege of pastoring six churches, has preached over 5,200 sermons, and has been blessed to see hundreds saved and baptized.

Currently Pastor Foust has the privilege of being the Pastor of the Cedar Creek Baptist Church in Silver Springs, Florida.