Missionaries Supported

     D.A. Brosius Family - B.I.M.I. Chattanooga, TN

BIMI has had a missionary presence in Argentina since 1979. The sprawling city of Buenos Aires, whose population is just shy of 15 million, accounts for more than one-third of Argentina’s total population, making it the largest metropolitan area in all of Latin America. Veteran missionaries Dana and Debbi Brosius have been working in Buenos Aires for more than 30 years.

     Andrew and Laura Steers - FBMI Hammond, IN

Andrew and Laura Steers continue to see growth at Coastline Baptist Church. Recently a senior gentleman has started coming and never wants to miss the chance to be in services. Also recently, a single mum and four of her children were in the service. She plans to start attending regularly, although she lives almost an hour away. Another couple, parents of a lady in the church, just moved down from the mainland and attend faithfully. The church continues soul winning, and the Lord blesses. The church must move from its current facility by December; we are anticipating what the Lord is going to do, in light of recent growth.

Laura has been working with a lady and plans to start teaching another lady in the new year, while the Lord has Andrew teaching a short series of lessons on the history of the King James Bible.

     Don and Angie Berg - NTBC Twinsburg, OH

Don and Angie Berg have been serving the Lord in Australia since 1997. The work there has been interesting, challenging, frustrating, exciting, heartbreaking, and more. Through good times and bad times, they have been blessed to be serving the Lord. The Lord has given them many different opportunities for service in Australia over the years.

Here are a few of the things they have been involved in:

  • Teaching in a local Bible College
  • Teaching Sunday School
  • Holiday Bible Club (Vacation Bible School)
  • After School Kids Club
  • Teaching Religious Education (RE) in the local public schools
  • Prison Chaplain
  • Sunday School Bus Route
  • Nursing Home Visitation and Services
  • Operating a Used Christian Book Shop
  • Don have opportunities to preach the Gospel.
  • Angie leading in Ladies Meetings
  • Youth Camps

     The Dave Whitmore Family - FBMI Hammond, IN

The Whitmore family are missionaries to Brazil, with their main ministry location in SãoPaulo, Brazil. They work with an established missionary and focus their efforts on soul-winning and children's ministries, such as children's church, Sunday School, and Bus ministry..."Brazilian" style! They serve through F.B.M.I. via their sending church, the First Baptist Church in Hammond, Indiana.


Costa Rica
     The Bickel Family - Faith Ministries Costa Rica

The ministry of the Bickel Family is three-fold.

Church Planting 
The desire of the Bicel family has been to establish churches not only for the people of Costa Rica but also for the Ngäbe Indians. These Indians are nomadic and although many live in the area year-round there are approximately 14,000 that come to the area for several months of the year just to pick coffee. These dear people then return to parts of the reservations that are otherwise unreachable.  It is the Bickel Family's desire to see churches in their villages as well! Through this ministry, several new churches have been planted.
Children's Refuge - Faith Children's Home
The Faith Children's Home has been a haven for 75 children and growing.  The goal of this ministry is to restore health and security to needy children. Most of these children are with us on a temporary basis while they are recovering and regaining both physical and emotional strength. This is a unique opportunity to build close relationships with families! We will be able to share the Gospel with the family while providing care to these children in need! Several of these children are now permanently a part of our family. This has created the wonderful need of adding a second children's home. Praise God for the door He has opened to purchase a home for this purpose on an adjoining property.
Feeding Centers ​ 
When the Bickels began working with the Ngäbe Indians they realized that they normally only eat one meal a day.  They were surprised when they later found out that one meal normally consisted of just boiled bananas with salt.  The kids were hungry... The feeding centers provide a good, hearty hot meal to these children several days a week! During this time they also have Bible lessons!  What a rewarding ministry! 

Dominican Republic
     The Tirado Family - FBMI - Hammond, IN

The Tirado Family has been serving in the Dominican Republic since 2009.

On November 6, they arrived back from a six-week furlough to their home and ministry in the Dominican Republic. Angela, Elisabeth, and Roberto were excited to be back where God had called them to serve Jesus. While in the states they were able to report to some of their supporting churches as well as nine new churches. On their first Sunday back in the Dominican Republic, two children got saved and made a public profession of their saving faith in Christ during our Sunday night service. 

     The Solt Family - FBMI - Hammond, IN

The Solt family has been serving in England for more than 22 years. This year has been a record-breaking year for them. The church is growing. They have had 128 salvation decisions, and 144 people have visited our church so far this year. Their biggest year for visitors was in 2013, with 153 total visitors. They are now looking to shatter that record. Two men were baptized recently. More folks are coming out soul-winning as well. God is blessing.

     The Wallace Family - First Baptist of Kenmore, Akron, Ohio

The Wallace's are an independent, fundamental, Bible-believing Baptist family called by God as church-planting missionaries to Mexico. They are trusting the Lord to help them reach many of the millions perishing without the gospel in the second largest city in the world, Mexico City.

The Wallace's know that our primary job as churches and Christians is to evangelize the world (Mark 16:15), yet the Apostle Paul said in 1 Corinthians 15:34, “…for some have not the knowledge of God: I speak this to your shame.” We all need to have the burden of the Lord Jesus where he said in John 9:4, “I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day, the night cometh, when no man can work.”  Our time will be up soon and it is now time we ‘give it all we got’ to finish our race well.  Jesus said in Matthew 9:37, 38 “…The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few; Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth labourers into his harvest.”  He also said in John 4:35, “Say not ye, There are yet four months, and then cometh harvest? Behold, I say unto you, Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest.”

     The Demastus Family - B.I.M.I. - Chatanooga, TN

In the 1800's churches in Scotland were sending out missionaries, but now Scotland is a field that is in need of Bible-believing Baptist churches. Sixty-five percent of the people claim to be atheist/agnostic and another group holding on to the traditions of the Catholic or Church of Scotland’s standard to get to Heaven. With over five million people in Scotland, there is a need for more Independent Baptist churches that teach soul-winning, separation, and the love of Christ. The Demastus family has a desire to plant new churches in Inverness.  At this point, there are no independent Baptist churches in or around this North-Western city. They are not there to “Americanize” the people of Scotland but to teach them the truths from the Word of God. 
Goals For The First Years In Scotland:
• Working with Veteran missionaries to adapt to the culture.
• Personal soul-winning - Door to Door and on the street 
• Outreach - Schools, Radio Station, Prisons, Street preaching, and Nursing Homes
• Discipleship - Bible studies
• Plant indigenous churches (self-governing, self-supporting, and self-propagating)
• British Sign Language - reach a lost and forgotten people 

     The Inman Family - FBMI - Hammond, IN

While out soul winning, Sarah was able to lead Batsoon to the Lord. He was excited to know Christ as his Saviour, and when his grown son Nut came home, Batsoon sat him down and told him that he must listen to the Gospel also. Nut had begun going to a Christian church but said he had never been told how to ask Jesus to be his personal Saviour. He also bowed his head and was saved. That same night, Bro. Sakrapee and I were able to share the Gospel with three teenagers and another group of children, all of whom chose to ask Jesus into their hearts.

Bible English Camp continues to be fruitful through following up on the children and their families. Programs like this and our Saturday English classes provide great opportunities, both directly and indirectly, to reach more people for the Lord. In the case of Nong Ming, Ming signed up for Bible English Camp, which she attended. At Bible English Camp, she trusted Christ as her Saviour. The next week we followed up with a visit to her house and family. Last week, Ming came to church for the first time. She even won a prize during a Bible Sword Drill game. Another blessing was during follow-up with camper Dton Naam. Sarah and Joom were able to talk to his 83-year-old grandmother Jumnong, and she was sweetly saved.

It’s a victory to see the continued faith of new believers such as in Kun Lai, who was led to the Lord six months ago. He gave up his idols right away and never misses church, coming faithfully from over an hour away, week after week. He continues to give praise to God that since he gave up his idols, he has sleep, a healthy spirit, and much peace.

Please pray for our church and team as we deliver Christmas presentations/programs to several local schools. We pray that many would have the same opportunity you and I had to be saved and grow in the Lord. Many fields need to be plowed on the southern stretches of Thailand. Please pray for more laborers from the USA, from Thailand, and from all over to come to the Kingdom of Thailand in the name of the Great Commission.

UK, Armenia & Romania
     Glenn and Charlotte Palmer - BIMI Assistance & Relief Missionaries

Glenn was born in England to an English mother and an American father, who was in the military there. Therefore, Glenn has dual nationality and no restrictions to stay in the UK. Glenn grew up in Virginia, and at the age of 14, he trusted Christ as his Savior. He met and married Charlotte in September 1974.  They went to England in 1975 to visit relatives and there the Lord spoke to Glenn about the need for Bible-preaching churches. As they prayed that someone would go and start a church, the Lord revealed His will for Glenn to do just that in a missions conference in March 1976. Glenn and Charlotte moved to Chattanooga for Glenn to attend Tennessee Temple University for preparation to go to the mission field. 

The Palmers were accepted by Baptist International Missions, Inc. (BIMI), in March 1981.  Glenn and Charlotte arrived in England in October 1984 with two children, Charity and James ages 6 and 4. As God gave direction, Glenn and Charlotte settled in Spalding and started Calvary Baptist Church. A community center was rented and the church was organized in 1988 with 12 members. Over the years there have been over 700 children and young people coming through the Sunday school with many of their parents in the special services. The church has grown in membership with over 40 baptisms.

The ministries of the church included tract distribution, evangelism, and support of five missionaries. Also, other ministries were three retirement and nursing homes, Bible institute, Morning Coffee outreach, Mothers and Toddlers Group for the community, Crusaders Youth Club, monthly ladies Bible study and fellowship, and a weekly mission project with Armenian Ministries.

March of 2015 the Lord led Glenn to a young man who was finishing his Bible degree and seeking a place to pastor and serve the Lord. Kevin Cowdrey and his wife, Clare (whose father is a national pastor), along with their two children, came to the church once a month for eleven months to speak and for the people to get to know them. In February 2016 Calvary Baptist Church called Brother Cowdrey as their national pastor and he accepted the call and was inducted as pastor on April 24, 2016. The Palmers' ministry of the Lord for church planting and turning the church over to a national had been accomplished.

In September of 2016, Glen and Charlotte became a part of the ARM ministry. Their home base will be in Chattanooga in order for Glenn to be able to get some medical assistance through the VA for his back. As the Lord opens the doors of service through ARM, Glenn and Charlotte will be able to bring experience and offer training to the fill-in work in English-speaking countries. The Palmers will be available to assist missionaries who need a furlough or need to raise more support and also help in special meetings and ministries of some of their supporting churches.

United States
     W. David Dye - Life Worth Living Ministries, in Shelbyville, TN

 United States
     Dr. Gary L. Mann - Harvest America Ministry - Evangelist

Dr. Gary L. Mann was saved in 1973. He was called to preach and began winning people to Christ and has been preaching the Gospel now for over 40 years.  He graduated from college in 1982 and went immediately to start Grace Baptist Church in Delaware, Ohio where he pastored for 13 years.

In 1995 he resigned as the Pastor to start the Harvest America Ministry and begin his work as an Evangelist.

He Provides Help To Churches Through:

  • Revivals
  • Missions Conferences
  • King James Bible Conferences
  • Helping New Churches
  • Soul-Winning
  • Material Distribution
  • Weekend/One-Day Emergency Help Meetings
  • Giving advice concerning starting new churches

United States
     Warren Storm - Keep The Buses Rolling - FBMI - Hammond, IN

"Keep the Buses Rolling" was started on July 10, 1993. After closing his auto-repair shop Warren and his wife were on the road helping churches fix buses, go soul winning with the bus workers, speak on the Bus Ministry, and be an encouragement to pastors.

In 25 years God has allowed them to win 4,145 to the Lord in personal soul winning; 616 of those who trusted Christ were parents of bus kids. With God's help, they have repaired over 3,770 buses. Since 2005 when they started keeping records, 450 buses that were out of commission have been put back on the road.